ACET has been providing Community Health Education and Training Services across Northern and overseas for more than 25 years. Starting in 1990 as an Education response to HIV/AIDS, we have since developed into an accredited provider of a wide range of Community Education and Training Services on Sexual Health, Mental health, Dugs & Alcohol and Parent/Teen Communication Skills.Training2


ACET Health Education & Training Services are accessible across Northern Ireland, in both urban and rural communities, and by all sections of the community, with priority given to disadvantaged young people and adults including unemployed, homeless, school excludees, and ethnic minorities.

ACET is an Approved Centre with the Open College Network and offers a wide range of accredited Health Education, Personal Development Programmes and Training Courses ranging from Entry Level to Level 3.

Our service users include Youth and Adult Community Groups, NHS staff, Youth & Adult Community Workers, Job Skills Agencies and Alternative Education Projects, Schools, Further Education Colleges, Homeless Hostels, Addiction Recovery Groups, Parent Support Groups, Churches, Conferences, and Industrial Apprenticeship Programmes.

Health Education Services are targeted mostly in disadvantaged areas and with people deemed most at risk, i.e. young people, school excludes, unemployed, homeless and vulnerable adults and ethnic minorities.Adult3

Training Services includes provision of accredited Training Courses and Training Resources to other Community Health Educators, Caring Professionals and Community Workers.

More than 253,000 people across the six counties of Northern Ireland have accessed ACET’s Health Education & Training Services from 1991 to date.

ACET’s services are highly valued and contracted by the Public Health Agency and local HSC Trusts as they work towards identified social need goals.

ACET also works in partnership with Social Services based at the Royal Victoria Hospital, to provide emotional support to adolescents and teenagers living with HIV in Northern Ireland.

ACET provides Training to staff and volunteers in NGOs in relation to prevention of the spread of HIV and other Sexual Health issues in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa and provides support to overseas Care initiatives for families and individuals living with HIV.