ACET offers a range of interactive personal development programmes for adults on Sexual Health, Mental Health, Drugs & Alcohol.

All ACET Programmes are designed to promote healthy choices and reduce risk levels and have been approved by the Public Health Agency and accredited by the Open College Network.

Our Programmes are creative interactive learning experiences for adults, utilising group based participation and discussion.

Our Programmes include participant’s pre and post training feedback and have specific learning goals and assessment criteria.

All Programmes also provide awareness of local advice, support and treatment services.

Programme Topic Programme Name Open College Level Learning hours
Men’s sexual Health   Entry level 10
Women’s  Sexual Health   Entry level 10
Contraception   Entry level 10
Drugs & Alcohol   Entry level 10
Drugs & Alcohol   Level 2 10
Mental Health UP! Level 1 10
Sexual Health Education in Homeless Hostels   PHA Approved 6